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Founder & CEO


Bonggeun(Bon) Oh

Patient Advocate | Social Worker

Founder & CEO


Bon Oh serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aurum Care Management. His distinguished career includes tenure as the Chief Operating Officer at Deloitte Consulting Korea, where he also led the Life Science and Healthcare Consulting services. Renowned for his exceptional performance, he was the top-performing Equity Partner in Deloitte's Strategy & Business Design practice. Additionally, he contributed significantly as a key faculty member and facilitator at Deloitte University Asia Pacific and held the position of Business Risk Leader at Deloitte Consulting.


CO-FoundeRS & TEAM

Hyojung Lee

Medical Doctor

Medical Director & Advisor


Hyojung Lee, based in South Korea, is a medical doctor who has extended her expertise into the realm of management consulting. She has held the position of Senior Consultant in the Life Science practice at Deloitte Consulting, leveraging her medical background to contribute to this specialized area.



Yongtai Choi


Pharmaceutical Director & Advisor

Yongtai Choi is a seasoned pharmacist in South Korea, boasting over 20 years of professional experience in the field. Additionally, he enriches the academic community through his role as an adjunct professor (preceptor) at the College of Pharmacy at The Catholic University of Korea.



Okjin Jin

Registered Nurse & Emergency Medical Technician

Patient Support Team

Okjin is a multifaceted nursing professional with over 8 years of experience in a large hospital, complemented by another 8 years as a skilled Emergency Medical Technician. He is acclaimed for his life-saving interventions in fire emergencies, earning him numerous accolades from both government entities and media organizations.


Jaehwan Park

Registered Nurse

Patient Support Team

Jaehwan brings over 7 years of nursing experience in major healthcare facilities, including university hospitals. His background is further enriched by his involvement in clinical research. He is known for his profound empathy and dedication to alleviating patients' pain, attributes that are deeply rooted in his own personal experiences.


Young Yong


Solution Development Team

Young is an esteemed former Chief Technology Officer of prominent start-ups and a foundational member of several successful entrepreneurial ventures. With over 20 years of experience in software development, his notable career includes impactful roles at Naver, Seoul Auction Blue, and The Farmers (now known as Market Kurly). Additionally, he has contributed to the literary world as the author of two books.


Alvis Jo


Solution Development Team

Alvin has been at the forefront of developing technologies to improve the daily lives of other patients at Aurum Care for over three years, drawing on his personal experience of overcoming a rare chronic disease. He possesses expertise in a diverse range of fields, encompassing backend and frontend development as well as machine learning.


Junhyung Park

Back-end Developer

Solution Development Team

Junhyung is a proficient software developer, whose skills are sharpened through practical experience gained during an internship at Aurum Care Management. He uniquely combines literary insights with technical expertise, a blend cultivated at one of Korea's premier universities.


Kyeongah Choi

Registered Nurse

Patient Support Team

Kyeongah's professional profile is distinguished by more than three years as an emergency room nurse in a university hospital, complemented by a subsequent four-year tenure in nursing education at a specialized facility. Additionally, she has served in a counseling role at a health examination center within the university hospital. Her diverse range of experiences, from handling critical emergencies to overseeing budget management for government initiatives, contributes an exceptional depth of expertise to the Aurum's Patient Support team, significantly enriching its specialized capabilities.


Hyuna Kang

Registered Nurse

Patient Support Team

Hyuna brings over four years of nursing experience from both a large international hospital and a university hospital. In addition to her clinical expertise, she has obtained a Teacher's Certificate and is deeply committed to patient education.


Minhyuk Cho

US Strategy & Operations

Minhyuk plays a critical role in developing business in the US market and working as a product manager at Aurum Care Management’s US office in Costa Mesa, California. He has a Bachelor from Northwestern University and interned at Aurum Care Management, Inc. prior to joining Aurum as a full-time member in the California location.


Sujeong Choi

Talent Lead & Japan Service Lead

Strategy & Operations

Sujeong plays a pivotal role in managing the crucial aspects of Aurum's talent model. She excels in creating and nurturing a workplace environment that is both desirable and fulfilling. Her professional background is enriched by significant global exposure, including extensive work experience in Japan.


Seongryeong Kim

Registered Nurse

Patient Support Team

Seongryeong has extensive experience working in a large hospital affiliated with the Seoul National University Medical College. Her commitment, illustrated through over five years in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), speaks volumes about the breadth and depth of her experience as a Registered Nurse (RN).


Jaehyuk Lim

Front-end Developer

Solution Development Team

JJaehyuk is a person of integrity who once harbored dreams of becoming a police officer. After pivoting his career to become a frontend developer, he honed his skills at a renowned gaming company. Seeking more meaningful work, he subsequently joined Aurum Care.


Shih Fang (Shevon) Huang

Taiwan Operation Lead

Strategy & Operations

Shevon, distinguished for her academic and professional achievements, holds a degree in traditional Chinese medicine and an MBA from institutions in both Taiwan and France. With her tenure at Deloitte Taiwan focusing on Life Science & Health Care, she has cultivated an extensive knowledge of the health-tech sector in Taiwan. Her experience in this domain is further complemented by a broad and diverse professional network.

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